Rating Agency Interaction

We take a pro-active credit rating approach designed to achieve the desired rating outcome.

Credit ratings are arguably the single most important, independent third-party assessment of a local government’s credit worthiness. Our clients understand this aspect, as do we. Davenport approaches our client’s credit ratings and Rating Agency Interaction with the same seriousness and attention to detail, as do our clients.

Credit Presentation Development

We start the process with due diligence, credit research and analytical scorecard modeling to gain a comprehensive understanding of our client’s credit strengths and weaknesses. We pro-actively take the lead creating a credit presentation and we highlight our client’s strengths and identify initiatives that have been implemented to address potential credit challenges.

Strategy Session - Interaction - Follow-up

Strategy Sessions

We will assist with one or more Credit Rating Agency strategy sessions where a thorough review of our client’s credit rating history, strengths and challenges is undertaken to help ensure a positive interaction with the rating agencies.


Depending on the particular circumstances involved with the credit planning process and a particular rating request, we may recommend conference calls, site visits or in-person rating meetings.


Following the interaction with the credit rating agencies, we continue to develop the lines of communication with rating agency analysts to finalize the rating process.

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*In terms of number of transactions and volume in MD, VA, NC, SC and GA. Source: Refinitiv, formerly Thomson Reuters.

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