Accessible Insights for Our Advisors and Clients

Davenport Equity Research offers valuable insights based on decades of analyzing the business fundamentals of companies across multiple sectors of the economy. We serve as a resource to our advisors, and ultimately our clients, in particular by providing accessibility through seminars, client presentations, and our publications. Our experience over multiple market cycles informs our understanding of the current environment and the companies likely to prosper in the future.

Weekly and Monthly Publications

We publish a Weekly Research Summary, offering a timely review of market moving events, economic drivers and our outlook.  In a focused format—tap into the pulse of the market through an analysis of recent and expected economic and geopolitical factors anticipated to drive investment performance over the intermediate term.

Our monthly Market Commentary presents a deeper dive, including macroeconomic and sector specific insights and observations.  Our commentary discusses current events, sector valuations and recent performance in an effort to empower you to steward your wealth with wisdom and confidence.


We also offer access to the reports of several nationally recognized research firms in order to provide you with valuable information on a range of publicly traded companies from across the country and around the globe.