Thousands of individuals and institutions have relied on us to help them steward their wealth with wisdom and confidence.

Establishing your goals is one thing, but managing your wealth to help you achieve those goals is something entirely different. Wealth management requires expertise and discipline that is most effectively honed with experience. From investment needs such as income generation, preservation of assets, and growth of capital, to planning needs including education funding, retirement planning, and insurance protection, we have the resources to help you establish effective wealth management strategies.


Individuals and companies have wide ranges of needs and preferences, so we offer a variety of approaches to investment management. You may want to be intimately involved in selecting investments, or you might choose to leave the details to us. You may want to invest part of your wealth in a specific strategy or diversify your entire portfolio with the strategies of managers from around the country. Whatever your needs, we tailor solutions that work for you.

Financial Services

You and your Davenport Financial Advisor have access to our Financial Services team which includes dedicated Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, insurance and annuity specialists, and experienced retirement plan professionals—all working to create a solid plan to give you more confidence in your financial future.