Independence has been a cornerstone of our success for 160 years. 

We have been advisor owned, advisor led, and independent since 1863. Advisors make up 70% of our Board and own 70% of the firm. This solid combination of ownership and independence creates a culture that is focused on serving the long-term interests of our clients.


Davenport believes ownership is the greatest form of compensation. And, we think the majority of ownership should be directly aligned with your contribution to the firm and its mission of serving clients. That’s why we offer a comprehensive compensation package that reflects your true value as a partner.


Investing in technology has been a top priority for Davenport. Our platforms are designed to make our advisors’ lives easier and more efficient, and provide our clients with technology they can easily use and trust. We rely on the experts in the industry and treat our vendor relationships as long-term, dynamic partnerships. This approach drives innovation and brings us the most recent, secure, best in breed technology and platforms.

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Our in-house Marketing and Business Development professionals work with Davenport’s Financial Advisors to create a personalized approach for growing their business and marketing their practice to clients and prospects. Advisors work with our marketing team to collaborate on content for a materials, personalized websites, and can take advantage of social media options to help reach prospects. Advisors choose how and when to leverage these resources.