Equity Research

Actionable investment ideas for long-term investors. 

We offer actionable investment ideas based on years of analyzing the business fundamentals of companies across multiple sectors of the economy.  Our experience over multiple market cycles also informs our understanding of the current environment and the companies likely to prosper in the future.

Our research analysts work together to find new ideas that we believe the market has yet to price appropriately—ideas with the potential to be solid, long-term investments for your portfolio.  We publish a monthly Equity Recommended List, which includes market commentary and our top stock recommendations, in an effort to empower you to steward your wealth with wisdom and confidence.

In addition to our Equity Recommended List, we publish a quarterly View of the Mid-Atlantic report on public companies headquartered in our backyard of Virginia and North Carolina, using our proximity to dive deeper into the intricacies of their operations.  In particular, we believe a company’s management team is critically important to its success, as companies do not outperform the leadership provided.  Our ability to travel short distances to meet these locally headquartered company leaders in person helps us provide value-added insights into the potential of these businesses.

Our View of the Mid-Atlantic report also includes a stock index of companies in Virginia or North Carolina as well as commentary on the economic and political trends in the region.

We also offer access to the reports of several nationally recognized research firms in order to provide you with valuable information on a range of publicly traded companies from across the country and around the globe.

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