Investment Management

Developed and established over 20 years ago, our Investment Management Program is an analytical tool that we use to assist our clients with investing their operating cash balances.

Davenport’s program is an investment partnership where our clients maintain in-house control of the investing process. We provide a comprehensive investment plan and professional oversight. Safety, liquidity and yield are the three fundamental objectives of the Program.

Our Program represents the intersection of hiring an outside manager and managing your own funds. As a fiduciary, we provide independent investment advice, oversight and a disciplined investment approach while allowing our clients to still maintain control over the investment process.

Investment Management Program - Partnership with Our Clients
Manage Your Own Funds overlapping with Hire an Outside Manager

Benefits of the Program

In-House Control  – Our clients maintain control over the investment process

No Conflicts of Interest with Davenport – we provide an investment plan, but do not buy or sell the investments

Professional oversight and current market trends – through quarterly reports, we provide analysis of the portfolio and current market trends

Oversight – we typically meet on a quarterly basis to provide regular input and oversight, and we can also assist with setting up a competitive bidding process for investment purchases

Disciplined Investment Program – provides a structured approach for building an investment ladder without taking undue risk

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Case study

Public Finance

With a commitment to helping our clients grow, we have developed one of the largest, regional public finance practices in the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast.*

*In terms of number of transactions and volume in MD, VA, NC, SC and GA. Source: Refinitiv, formerly Thomson Reuters.

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