Our History



Inception of Davenport Employee Profit Sharing Plan

  • Long-term investing is at our core.
  • Davenport's best investment managers were selected to manage our employee profit sharing plan.


Inception of Davenport Asset Management & Launch of the Core Strategy

  • Success managing our employee profit sharing plan led to requests from others to do the same.
  • Founder and former Investment Policy Committee Chairman Joe Antrim established our department in 1984. 
  • The result was our Core Portfolio.


Growing to $1B in assets and Davenport's 1st No Load Mutual Fund

  • Our commitment has been to grow assets responsibly.
  • Consistent results led to steady asset growth.
  • In 1998 we launched our first no load mutual fund modeled on our Core Portfolio.


Launch of Value & Income separate account

  • Technology had been the rage and we felt dividend stocks were under appreciated.
  • Our value orientation fit well with this strategy catering to those ideas.


Launch of FundAdvisor

  • Bringing together the best of outside managers screened by our Manager Research Team.


Launch of Equity Opportunities separate account

  • Growing research department provided ample "off the radar" ideas.
  • Equity Opportunities was a natural extension of a bottoms-up research philosophy uncovering less recognizable companies.


Launch of Two new no load funds - Davenport Equity Opportunities & Davenport Value & Income

  • No load mutual funds provided low cost investment solutions for a wide audience.
  • George Smith and Chris Pearson were selected to manage the Equity Opportunities portfolio.
  • They emphasized high conviction ideas with dynamic portfolio management and has been a clear win for Equity Opportunities investors.


Celebration of 30 Years managing client assets

  • It's a privilege to manage our employees and our clients assets for 30 years.
  • Thank you to all our Davenport Asset Management partners.


Growing to $5B in assets and launch of the Davenport Small Cap Focus Fund

  • Steady asset growth proves a natural accompanient to excellent client service and consistent results.
  • We brought in our 31st year with a new strategy focused on small cap ideas.


Launch of Balanced Fund

  • This strategy will blend our Value & Income equity strategy, fixed income management and other income generating ideas.


Launch of ETFAdvisor

  • ETFAdvisor  was designed to offer three distinct portfolios with different risk exposure and return expectations: Balanced portfolio, Conservative Growth portfolio, and Growth portfolio.
  • Davenport’s ETFAdvisor portfolios are designed to combine asset allocation and in-depth ETF research to offer cost-effective, professionally managed portfolios.


3-year Anniversary of Davenport Small Cap Focus Fund

  • Portfolio managers George Smith and Chris Pearson discuss the DSCPX anniversary in this video
  • In its first three years, we are proud to say the Fund has posted very strong performance against both its benchmark and peer group.  We are also proud to say that over this time, the Fund has grown to more than 100 Million in assets.