Davenport Asset Management is a boutique money manager with more than $11 billion in assets under management.  

  • Inception in 1984 to offer our employee Profit Sharing Plan strategy to clients.
  • Strong ownership culture with 100% employee ownership.
  • Personal service and access to decision makers are paramount to quality relationships.

Employee Owned



Success Over Time


Our History is Distinctive

Davenport & Company, our parent company founded in 1863, has been investing in our communities and building wealth alongside our clients through nearly every market cycle America has encountered.

We Invest Alongside Our Clients

Davenport Asset Management was born in 1984 out of our firm’s Employee Profit Sharing Plan, which is still invested in our strategies alongside our clients to this day.

We Are Proudly Independent

Davenport has always been 100% employee owned. Our commitment to independence allows us to remain focused on meeting the needs of our clients and putting their interests first. The service, dedication, and access given to our clients is first-class.

Our Experience is Exceptional

Over 38 years as an active money manager gives us a true historical perspective. Our stability is paramount, with Portfolio Managers averaging over 34 years of investment experience and 25 years of Davenport tenure.

Our Process is Proven and Repeatable

Consistent investment discipline coupled with risk management is critical to successful investing. We do not chase investment fads. A long-term perspective is invaluable to our investment process.


We are long-term investors. We believe a consistent investment discipline combined with risk management leads to outperformance over a complete market cycle with lower volatility. 

  • Bottom-up research—rigorous fundamental and qualitative analysis.
  • Straightforward approach emphasizing superior business models and quality management teams.
  • Approaching each investment as if we are going to be co-owners of the business.
  • Measuring performance over years, not quarters or months.

As of 12/31/2023