Manager Research Team

Our Manager Research team performs portfolio analysis of client accounts, asset allocation recommendations, and investment research. The asset allocation methodology is centered on a common sense approach to build well-diversified portfolios and prevent the temptation to chase the best-performing asset classes. Our research depends on understanding the long-term nature of each asset class as well as recent market conditions.

Our investment manager research process encompasses mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and separately managed stock accounts run by other investment firms. Our comprehensive proprietary research process provides us with a thorough understanding of a fund or manager that includes:

  1. Performance Consistency
  2. Sources of Returns and Repeatability of Returns
  3. Investment Strategy and Philosophy
  4. Investment Team and Research Process

Knowing that even the best managers go through periods of underperformance, this research process gives us the conviction to stay invested through the challenging times, in order to benefit from what is often a strong recovery.

Deciding where to invest and what managers to choose can be a daunting task. Let us help you navigate those complicated decisions.