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This tutorial offers step-by-step instructions to help you register for Davenport Online.
If you have already registered for the website with your User ID, skip to Step 8.

1. Use this link to navigate to Davenport Online. Once on the page, click Register Now.

2. Review the Welcome Screen and click Start Registration.

3. Review the terms and conditions regarding identity verification and click I Agree before clicking Continue.

4. Provide user information, including your name, a valid email address, Social Security number, legal U.S. address, and the account number, which you are listed as the primary account holder.

5. Verify your identity. For the safety and security of your information, you will be asked three questions.

6. Create a temporary user ID and password. Then enter your email address, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name.

7. Once your user ID has been created, an email with further instructions will be sent to your email address. Please take action within three days of receiving the email.

8. Click the link within the email to navigate to the Davenport Online homepage. This step will also make your user ID permanent. Enter your user ID and password into the Login fields and click Login.

9. Set up your email address for security alert notifications. Select your email address from the dropdown menu. If no email address is listed, select “Add a New Email” and enter your email address into the field. Then click Continue.

10. You will be prompted to select a contact method for a One-Time Passcode to verify your identity. Select either Email, SMS Text Message or Voice Call from the dropdown menu under Contact Method.

11. Fill in your phone number for SMS Text Messaging or a Voice Call, or email address to be emailed the one-time passcode and then give your device a nickname. Click Verify to be sent the one-time passcode.

12. A Verify Your Contact Method window will appear on the screen. Type the passcode you received by text, phone or email into the field and click Verify. If you did not receive a code, click Send a New Code.

13. When the required fields have been filled in, a green “Verified” will appear. Select “Yes” if you would like the site to remember your device. If you are using a public device, select “No”. Once these steps are complete, click Save .

14. The last step in the registration process is to choose a theme for your online experience. If you would like to continue with a standard theme, click Continue with Current Theme. If you would like to use the new Accessible Theme, click Switch to Accessible Theme.

15. Your registration is now complete.

For assistance, please contact Davenport’s Client Services support team at (888) 742-1863 or