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This tutorial offers instructions to help you sign up for e-delivery: receive statements and other account communications electronically through Davenport Online.

1. Use this link to navigate to Davenport Online. Once on the page, enter your user ID and password.

2. Click Go Paperless at the top of any page and enter your email address.

3. Click the Quick Enroll (for all accounts) or Edit hyperlink, or use the arrow buttons in the gray navigation bar to scroll to the account(s). From this tab, you may add or update email addresses and change delivery preferences.

4. Click the box next to the desired account communication(s), then click Save to confirm preferences.

Note: If the box is checked, the account communication will be enrolled in e-Delivery. If unchecked, the account communication will be printed and sent via regular mail.

5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Electronic Notification Agreement.

6. After enrolling in e-Delivery, you will receive:

  • An email the next day confirming your selection.
  • A letter, per account, with all details including documents enrolled and email addresses enrolled.

For assistance, please contact Davenport’s Client Services support team at (888) 742-1863 or

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