Account Statements

As a reminder, beginning May 6 your assets were moved from the old Davenport Online platform to your Davenport account on the Pershing platform and you received new account number(s).

For the month of June, you may receive two statements for your Davenport account(s) – one for your new account number and one for your old account number.

All statements, current and past, can be viewed on the new Davenport Online website: Login with your new User ID and password.
Go to the Communications tab and then to Statements & Reports.

Why would I receive two June statements?

While most accounts will only receive one statement, you will receive a second statement for your old account if there was any activity during June in your old account. Activity could include:

  • Dividends, interest or corporate actions that issuers paid to your old account. These balances were subsequently moved to your new account.
  • Checks and ACHs that were honored in your old account.

Why does my statement show a balance of zero?

The statement for your old account number will likely show a balance of zero. We want to assure you that your assets have been safely transferred to your new account number on the new platform.

What if my old account still has assets in it?

A small number of accounts had assets remaining in them at the end of June. Davenport will move these assets to your new account, and no action is needed on your part.

Why does my old account still hold an annuity?

Transferring an annuity requires an annuity company to take action. Pacific Life annuities will be linked to your new account in July. Davenport continues to work with Ohio National to link its annuities to your new account.

Why did I not receive an online statement?

E-Delivery is no longer available for old accounts, and therefore regulations require that we send you a paper statement. Davenport will add an electronic copy of this statement to the Communications tab in Davenport Online. Please visit and click on Client Login to access.

How do I sign up for Davenport Online or E-Delivery?

Davenport Online provides you a secure online platform that gives you 24/7 access to your balances, account activity and the option to enroll in E-Delivery for monthly statements, trade confirmation and tax documents. Please visit our Davenport Online Guides to view registration instructions and how to enroll in E-Delivery.

If you have any questions about your statements, please contact your Financial Advisor or Client Service Associate.