A Core Portfolio Q & A

November 2022

Davenport Asset Management’s Core Portfolio, launched in 1984, was our first managed money strategy. Modeled after our very own profit sharing plan, the portfolio was built on the notion of investing alongside our clients. Core invests in high-quality large cap companies that can deliver competitive and durable returns for investors. We recently sat down with Investment Policy Committee Chair, George Smith, to discuss the Core Portfolio’s mission.


Could It Almost Be Time to Buy?

October 2022

The market has been rough this year, but could it almost be time to buy? Historically, calendar years with market declines of more than 10% have typically been followed by strong 1 and 3 year returns.

Click below to see our breakdown of the historical market data.


How We Manage Risk

June 2022

In Davenport’s small and mid-cap mutual funds, we believe in holding a few dozen stocks that we know really well. In our view, this method provides better performance and risk management than holding hundreds or even thousands of names that aren’t necessarily contributing to your goals in a comparable index fund. And we’ve got the track record to prove it.

Watch the video below to learn how less is more in our Small Cap Focus and Equity Opportunities Funds.


Fixed Income Basics: Three Reasons to Hold Bonds in a Portfolio

May 2022

What functions are bonds playing in an investment portfolio? Read on to explore three primary reasons why investors might choose to allocate a portion of their portfolio to fixed income instruments.


Then & Now

May 3, 2022

The current environment illustrates how quickly market conditions can change. Read on for an update from George Smith, Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee.


Public Relations PRimer: How to Get Your News Out

March 2022

Every successful business will eventually have to deal with the press. Watch as veteran journalists Andy Poarch and Greg Gilligan teach us the ropes with a presentation titled “Public Relations Primer: How to Get Your News Out.”


A Lightning Round on Markets

March 21, 2022

Much has transpired since our late February update when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine commenced. Interestingly, however, markets are now higher than they were at the timing of that update. Read on for an update from George Smith, Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee. Click below to read the full update


Fixed Income Viewpoints: Russia, Volatility and Rate Hikes

March 2, 2022

To say February was a volatile month may be the understatement of the year. Read on for an update from Davenport Asset Management’s Fixed Income Team.


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