Investment Philosophy

“How many times do we have to hear it’s the end of the world to realize it’s not the end of the world.” – Michael Lewis

My investment philosophy has been shaped by my experience and Davenport & Company. In a world of fads and shortcuts, I believe in a long-term approach to investing. I develop an asset allocation for each client, which is designed to help you achieve your goals and reflects your risk tolerance. Effective planning requires a multi-step, ongoing process conducted in partnership with you. My role is to offer stewardship and guidance in helping you pursue your financial goals. 

My process includes:

  • Carefully listening to you regarding goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.
  • Creating an investment and asset allocation strategy as the basis for the advice that takes into account your total financial picture.
  • Conducting regular portfolio reviews and responding to changes that may call for adjustments and updates to your investment plan. All clients receive a comprehensive financial review every three to five years.

In a time when investment information is abundant, and often conflicting, I offer time-tested conservative financial advice. Wagner Wealth Management offers you the guidance you need in order to help reach your financial goals.

Diversification and asset allocation does not ensure a profit or guarantee protection against a loss.