I believe that multiple approaches are effective in identifying attractive investment opportunities and will select investments based on a client’s potential time horizon, life goals, and individual/personalized situation. My focus is on identifying companies that demonstrate strong growth potential, have focused management, solid balance sheets, and a history of proven results. I believe it is important to pay attention to trends in the economy and will often use technical analysis of a stock’s historic price to help discover investment opportunities. 

I believe the best way to manage risk is through diversification among individual securities, major market sectors, and across asset classes – but I may overweight a security, sector or asset class if I have conviction about its potential for superior returns. 

I will frequently – though not exclusively – utilize Davenport’s Research and Asset Management departments to help identify investments. At times, my clients prefer to have Davenport Asset Management manage their assets through some combination of Davenport’s five professionally managed strategies. Investing alongside my clients is important to me and, in fact, my own retirement money is invested primarily in these strategies.