Investment Philosophy

Allburn Financial Consulting’s investment philosophy is the bedrock for creating long lasting relationships with our clients. Effective planning requires a multistep, ongoing process conducted in partnership with you. Our role is to provide stewardship and oversight in helping you pursue your financial goals.

Our process includes:

  • Carefully listening to you regarding goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.
  • Creating an investment and asset allocation strategy as the basis for the advice that takes into account your total financial picture.
  • Conducting regular portfolio reviews and responding to changes that may call for adjustments and updates to your investment plan. All clients receive a comprehensive financial review every three to five years.

In a time when investment transactions have become a commodity, and the amount of financial information overwhelming, it is more important than ever to seek sound financial advice. Allburn Financial Consulting can offer the guidance you need to make intelligent investment choices. No matter what the market is doing, we will help you invest wisely at a risk level that’s comfortable to you.

As a client of Allburn Financial Consulting, you can choose how your assets will be managed. Our services range from professionally managed fee-based accounts to traditional brokerage accounts.

We offer our clients access to premier professional money managers and mutual funds for constructing portfolios and we build custom fixed income strategies to create reliable income for our clients.

Disclosure: Diversification and asset allocation does not ensure a profit or guarantee protection against a loss.