Our Process

1 Understand Financial Goals and Circumstances
2 Create a Financial Plan
3 Design Custom Wealth Management Solutions
4 Monitor Investments and Market Conditions
5 Ongoing Review

1.  Understand Financial Goals & Circumstances:

  • Listen and learn about your circumstances
  • Identify your goals
  • Set a time horizon
  • Determine liquidity needs

2.  Create a Financial Plan:

  • Develop a strategy to improve the probability of reaching your financial goals
  • Work with your other advisors, lawyers and accountants, as needed
  • Address gaps in insurance, lending and cash management needs

3.  Design Custom Wealth Management Solutions:

  • Implement asset allocation designed for optimal portfolio performance based on long-term historic trends
  • Draw on the collective experience of our team
  • Utilize our in-house research associates
  • Build and implement custom portfolios using both internal and external professional money managers

4.  Monitor Investments & Market Conditions:

  • Track your portfolio’s performance relative to your objectives
  • Monitor professional money managers for changes in quality and personnel

5.  Ongoing Review:

  • Review your investments in relation to your goals
  • Check in to see if your needs and circumstances have changed
  • Adjust as needed