For generations of families and institutions, Davenport has been a trusted financial advisor, empowering them to steward their wealth with wisdom and confidence.

Employee owned and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, with offices throughout the mid-Atlantic, Davenport & Company offers a range of wealth management and financial advisory services, including traditional brokerage services, professional money management, financial planning, market research, and public finance services.

Since Davenport’s founding in 1863, the relationships we have with our clients have remained our most valuable asset. We strive to strengthen those relationships by delivering value and serving clients in a manner worthy of their trust.

We’ve seen a lot of change over the past 157 years. We’ve witnessed decades of market fluctuation — even several major declines. We’ve watched competitors and trends come and go. We’ve seen our industry revolutionized by technology. Through it all, one thing has remained constant: our core values. These values have not only grown our firm, they’ve helped us grow the trust you place in us. Every day, more than 400 Davenport associates – including more than 175 financial advisors – make positive impacts on the lives of thousands of clients by offering expert financial advice that embodies the golden rule.