Our History



Inception of Davenport Employee Profit Sharing Plan

  • Long-term investing is at our core.
  • Davenport's best investment managers were selected to manage our employee profit sharing plan.


Inception of Davenport Asset Management & Launch of the Core Strategy

  • Success managing our employee profit sharing plan led to requests from others to do the same.
  • Founder and former Investment Policy Committee Chairman Joe Antrim established our department in 1984. 
  • The result was our Core Portfolio.


Growing to $1B in assets and Davenport's 1st No Load Mutual Fund

  • Our commitment has been to grow assets responsibly.
  • Consistent results led to steady asset growth.
  • In 1998 we launched our first no load mutual fund modeled on our Core Portfolio.


Launch of Value & Income separate account

  • Technology had been the rage and we felt dividend stocks were under appreciated.
  • Our value orientation fit well with this strategy catering to those ideas.


Launch of FundAdvisor

  • Bringing together the best of outside managers screened by our Manager Research Team.


Launch of Equity Opportunities separate account

  • Growing research department provided ample "off the radar" ideas.
  • Equity Opportunities was a natural extension of a bottoms-up research philosophy uncovering less recognizable companies.


Launch of Two new no load funds - Davenport Equity Opportunities & Davenport Value & Income

  • No load mutual funds provided low cost investment solutions for a wide audience.
  • George Smith and Chris Pearson were selected to manage the Equity Opportunities portfolio.
  • They emphasized high conviction ideas with dynamic portfolio management and has been a clear win for Equity Opportunities investors.


Celebration of 30 Years managing client assets

  • It's a privilege to manage our employees and our clients assets for 30 years.
  • Thank you to all our Davenport Asset Management partners.


Growing to $5B in assets and launch of the Davenport Small Cap Focus Fund

  • Steady asset growth proves a natural accompanient to excellent client service and consistent results.
  • We brought in our 31st year with a new strategy focused on small cap ideas.


Launch of Balanced Fund

  • This strategy will blend our Value & Income equity strategy, fixed income management and other income generating ideas.