Insights on Investing: Investing in Pets
January 2018
  • Chris Pearson, Portfolio Manager, explains how the "humanization of pets" has had an effect on investment strategies.
Market Update: A Look Back at 2017 & Thoughts on What Lies Ahead
January 2018
No Small Feat: The Davenport Small Cap Focus Fund (DSCPX) is turning 3!
December 2017
  • Marking the occasion, fund managers, George Smith and Chris Pearson discuss how they manage assets in the small cap space.
Market Update: Perspective on Recent Market Activity
October 2017
Insights on Investing: Analyst Q&A: Sector Spotlight on E-commerce
September 2017
  • Equity Research Analyst, Jeff Omohundro, gives his thoughts on e-commerce.
Insights on Investing: Analyst Q&A: Sector Spotlight on Health Care
August 2017
  • Davenport's Director of Equity Research, Joel Ray, gives his thoughts on the Health Care sector.
Market Update: Domestic Market Perspectives and The Case for International Equities
May 2017
Insights on Investing: Davenport Asset Management Investor Summit
May 2017
  • Davenport Asset Management's Investor Summit focused primarily on demographics and trends impacting our lives and investment, with a special emphasis on Millenials.
Insights on Investing: Manager Q&A: International Investing–Why Now?
April 2017
  • Manager Research Director Geoffrey Sulanke gives his thoughts on international investing.

Insights on Investing: Analyst Q&A: The Bullish Case for Housing
February 2017

  • Davenport Asset Management Research Analyst Kevin Bennett gives his thoughts on the housing industry.

Market Update: Perspective on 2016, the "Trump Trade," and a Theme for 2017
January 2017


Fund Perspectives: DBALX: With Rates on the Rise, Can Your Balanced Fund Keep Up?
December 2016

  • A look at rising interest rates and the Davenport Balanced Income Fund

Fund Perspectives: DSCPX: Are Small Caps Poised for Bigger Returns?
December 2016

  • A look at post-election themes and the Davenport Small Cap Focus Fund

3rd Quarter Market Update
November 2016

Market Perspectives: Thoughts on the Election
September 2016

  • With the Presidential election quickly approaching, negative rhetoric is likely to increase between now and November.  We have found the benefit of ‘Time IN the Market’ far outweighs ‘Timing the Market’ based on such events.

Market Perspectives: "Brexit"
June 2016

  • The U.K.'s exit looks to be a lengthy and complicated process that may result in less change than people expect

Portfolio Insights: Value & Income
May 2016

  • George Smith discusses the importance of Investment Flexibility within the Value & Income Portfolio

Johnson & Johnson is Cradle to Grave
May 2016

  • Mike Beall gives a 50-year recap of  this Legacy Investment and explains why it is a Core Holding in more than one of our portfolios

Value Traps
April 2016

  • Mike Beall identifies factors used to differentiate ‘Value Situations’ from ‘Value Traps’

Ownership Cultures
March 2016

  • Aligning Management Teams with Shareholders for Long-Term Success

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